Finding Annie by Katherine Turner

TW: mention of sexual assault/rape Earlier this year, I read Finding Annie by Katherine Turner, who is a friend and client. I had the privilege of working on Finding Annie in 2019, and reading it again for pleasure was a much different experience than reading it for work. I wrote the review below at the … Continue reading Finding Annie by Katherine Turner

Book Review: Postscript by Barbara Avon

I feel like the first thing I need to admit is that the genres of romance, paranormal, and horror aren’t exactly in my top-five. The second thing I need to admit is that, as the wife of a photographer/graphic designer, I definitely judge books by their cover. Lastly, I need to admit that I’ll throw … Continue reading Book Review: Postscript by Barbara Avon

Sequel Soapbox: Doctor Sleep

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen multiple tweets expressing my hesitation to buy Doctor Sleep, a continuation by Stephen King of The Shining. It isn’t often that I read Amazon book reviews, mostly because I know that every reader has different preferences – especially when it comes to such an acclaimed author. … Continue reading Sequel Soapbox: Doctor Sleep

Book Review: Dandelion by America DeFleur

Autobiographies and memoirs have always been my favorites genre. I can’t remember the first one I ever read, but I do remember thinking, “Wow, this is what the author wanted to make sure was left behind of their life.” As I’ve grown up, I’ve realized those who write autobiographies and memoirs often have a weighty … Continue reading Book Review: Dandelion by America DeFleur